While modding the Asus WL-520GU router into a wifi radio it’s time to bring out the breadboard.The schematic on a breadboard Interested in the project? Look here at Mighty Ohm.

After flashing the Atmega168 with the usbTiny the first phase would be to see if I can get some text on the display. I found a helpfull comment on the Mighty Ohm forums that, without actually attaching the breadboard to the asus 520, there will be text visible on the 16×2 lcd display.

Power is supplied through the usbTiny 6-pin ISP that is still hooked up since flashing the microcontroller.

After a first scare of seeing nothing I realise that the potmeter just might need a little turn. That was it! Text appeared on the display without further connections.

Note: this is the intial schematic on the breadboard. The final schematic of the project has more functionality and a few more components.

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