Building the schematic on a breadboard is one thing, hooking it up to the router is another.

First things first.

The schematic on a breadboardIn part 1 I showed the build of the initial schematic with the display working. Please note that the firmware loaded at that time was from the enhanced version. The firmware belonging to the initial version does not show anything on the display unless it’s hooked up to the router and the scripts there are running.


So if you’re going to build the schematic on a breadboard you should build the final version of the schematic with the improved firmware.

When you connect the breadboard to the router here are a few things that can (and in my case did) went wrong.

  • Connect only the GND and the TX (pin 2 on the AtMega168) will not work.
    • Solution: connect GND, TX and RX.
  • Not having edited the /etc/inittab as was described will fail your communication between the router and the microcontroller.
    • Solution: finish the instruction from Mighty Ohm: update your /etc/inittab and reboot your router.
  • If all else fail you could try this and rebuild your firmware and explicitly rebuild the fuses with the command “make fuses”. Taken from a comment here.

Working displayAfter spending a good day on debugging my setup I can conclude that I was to cautious in my approach and just should have followed the instructions on Mighty Ohm. Anyway it’s working now. 🙂


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