traidAn article in triggered my interest in the Traid project originally featured in

“Matseng started a challenge for himself where he intends to post a PCB project a week.” Check out the PCB a week tag for all his projects.

Now when I use a transistor I find myself always going back to the datasheet to double check the pin layout and orientation. If you’ve been there you know that you have to be really careful since sometimes it’s the top view of a package and sometimes bottom view. That’s when I decided that having a transistor test a.k.a. a Traid would be very helpful. It looks like a fairly simple design with a nice touch of having a a single CR2032 battery.

If a project like the Traid has to appeal to a wide audience it has to fit on single sided pcb. That’s what I set out to do, and am sharing here with you.

traid-bare-boardsThere is a small challenge here since I do need a place to sample the transistors. With a single sided pcb using through hole components that would imply using the bottom of the board. Since that would be awkward and very impractical I decided to sandwich a second, small and single sided, pcb on top of the other. This provides me with the sample space and attaching the boards was planned for with soldering a few wires through both board and maybe a dab of glue.



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Inspired by a post on I decided to build the Transistor tester as featured on

Many thanks to Microchip for the required 16LF1503!



For programming a Pic I usually use a pickit2 clone that features 2 Zif sockets for easy programming. This time that route failed. No matter what I tried my pickit2 clone wouldn’t recognize the 16LF1503.

Well after the clone didn’t succeed I took out the real thing. I looked up the connections and with help of the datasheet I wired it up on a breadboard. No extra components were used, just a pickit2, breadboard, wires and off course the chip. This actually works!!! Read the rest of this entry »

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I have a small servo lying around in my partsbin. Bought it from a few years ago and when I stumbled on the subject of servo testers I was tempted to build just that, a servo tester.


I decided to build the servo tester as described in It’s describing the build of the project that was designed by W9GFO. You can get a kit from Gadget Gangster.

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