MO-BB-advancedUpdating the breadboard with the components for the final schematic of the Mighty Ohm – Wifi Radio.

Again, first power it up and check if the 16×2 lcd displays any text (it should) before hooking it up to the asus 520 router.

To the left the usbTiny is shown with the 6-pin ISP cable disconnected. It’s easier to work on the breadboard this way and I don’t want to remove the patching of the other end of the cable into the bradboard just yet. A little breakout board would be handy for this. Maybe I’ll build one. If so I’ll share it with you.

Just above the usbTiny you see three wires in a loop. These are the TX RX and GND that need to be connected to serial pin connector on the asus 520 router.


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