After building and testing the Raspberry Pi Supply Switch I moved on to adding an lcd display and rotary encoder. I sort of forgot how to wire the Pi Supply switch to Raspberry Pi. After figuring it out all over again I decided to document it.

First of all, if you haven’t build a Power supply switch yet, here are detailed instruction and the Eagle files on how to do so on a single sided PCB.

Connecting the two goes like this:


Just follow the red and white wires to the Raspberry Pi, they are for they actual switching. The Blue and white wires are connected to the external “On” button.


This is how the red and white wires are connected on the Raspberry Pi. There are quite a few other wires connected as it also has and lcd display and a rotary encoder connected to it.


Curious on what all the wiring on the Raspberry GPIO is all about? ๐Ÿ™‚


2 Responses to “Raspberry Pi Supply Switch hooked up”
  1. Albergino Del Rosario says:

    Hi There, I was wondering what are the voltage values did you use on the capacitors, fets and inductors? I am planning to scratch build this one for my Pi.

    Hope that you can answer my query.

    Btw nice work and nice add on card for a R Pi

    • admin says:


      The resistors are standard ones, same for the two transistors BC548. The 220uF Capacitor I use is rated 25V. I expect a 16V to work just fine as well.