Inspired by a post on I decided to build the Transistor tester as featured on

Many thanks to Microchip for the required 16LF1503!



For programming a Pic I usually use a pickit2 clone that features 2 Zif sockets for easy programming. This time that route failed. No matter what I tried my pickit2 clone wouldn’t recognize the 16LF1503.

Well after the clone didn’t succeed I took out the real thing. I looked up the connections and with help of the datasheet I wired it up on a breadboard. No extra components were used, just a pickit2, breadboard, wires and off course the chip. This actually works!!!

Note that you do need to download the latest pickit2 software and then download and install the latest Device File!

Now, with uptodate pickit2 software and a real pickit2 it’s possible to write a 16LF1503 as you can see on the pictures below. I’ve tried many different ways to get this to work and I think I had to explicitly select the device family first and then explicitly the chip before the chip was first recognized and lateron programmed.

16LF1503-PicKit2-action16LF1503-chipdetail1 16LF1503-chipdetail2  16LF1503-screenshot

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