I have a small servo lying around in my partsbin. Bought it from a few years ago and when I stumbled on the subject of servo testers I was tempted to build just that, a servo tester.


I decided to build the servo tester as described in It’s describing the build of the project that was designed by W9GFO. You can get a kit from Gadget Gangster.

There appears to be no eagle schematic or single sided board layout out there so I share mine.



I created a single sided board layout for it.



I used a 3 AA 4.5 Volt battery pack to power it and… that does not work.

Left it for a week giving it some thought and finally hooked it up to an adjustable power supply and gave it 6 Volt. There, it worked like a charm.

Mental note: when it say 4.8 Volt means that 4.5 Volt does not work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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