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I2c-level-converterLevel-shifter-sideviewHooking up an I2C LCD display to a Raspberry Pi is pretty well documented. The only hard part is the level shifter. You need one in order to hookup the 3.3V GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi to the 5V I2C pins of the LCD. This off course assumes that the I2C LCD is 5Volts, but they usually are.

I found a level shifter using two 2N7000 Mosfets. That’s great as they are really cheap and easy to get, so I decided to build it. I ordered 10 of Ebay for less then $2. I stuck to the 2.2K resistors but you can off course apply 10K resistors as in most level shifters. Another source, using BSS138 mosfets can be found here.

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