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pisupplyswitch-1Turning a Raspberry pi into a internet radio player is fun, but safely powering down requires (access to) a computer. The people of pi-supply.com launched a successful kickstarter project and now have a pretty device available to switch a Raspberry Pi on and off. Where the off signal triggers a halt command on the Raspberry Pi so it shuts down properly. All of it is open source so buy a small one of pi-supply.com or build a bigger one yourself and read on.

The schematic is shared and I ported it to Cadsoft Eagle for convenience. Instead of having two switches on the board I decided to have two pinheaders there only. I recon that in practice you want the on and of switches not per se near the power cables and I might build it all into a small case and then I definitely don’t need the switches on the board. The third switch, the hard off, I don’t need as it’s basically the same as unplugging the power cable.

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