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reflow soldering

So you decided to add reflow soldering to your skillset. The high investments in (semi) professional tools and materials make you hesitate. You want to give it a try but take the (promising) amateur road of electric oven, hot plate or toaster heaters.

Whaterever the choice for heating device you need solderpaste and a method of applying it. Current great deals are listed below. Actual results haven’t been acchiefed because I haven’t completed the setup yet.

  • Solder paste
    • LodeStar Soldering Paste (50g) sku 7952
    • About $4
  • Syringe for applying the paste
    • Watch Oiler Syringe 2ml
    • About $5
    • Or Dealextreme again (sku 22305)
  • Solder mask for applying the paste
    • Multi-Purpose IC Soldering Film (0.25mm)
    • About $3

The shipping costs are zero and the overall prices are amazingly low. Pretty usefull stuff in my experience but it takes roughly two weeks to arrive and off course you get what you pay for. ๐Ÿ™‚ For Science tries to keep an eye on the budget.

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