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Inspired by a post on I decided to build the Transistor tester as featured on

Many thanks to Microchip for the required 16LF1503!



For programming a Pic I usually use a pickit2 clone that features 2 Zif sockets for easy programming. This time that route failed. No matter what I tried my pickit2 clone wouldn’t recognize the 16LF1503.

Well after the clone didn’t succeed I took out the real thing. I looked up the connections and with help of the datasheet I wired it up on a breadboard. No extra components were used, just a pickit2, breadboard, wires and off course the chip. This actually works!!! Read the rest of this entry »

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The Microchip MCP2210 chip is an easy way to go from USB to SPI with one, dedicated, chip. Microchip also features an evaluation kit and breakout module for the MCP2210.

No need to program the chip. Everything you need is already on there.

Considering that this is very likely a pre-programmed dedicated chip I expect to find a 18F14K50 underneath just like the MCP2200 USB to UART conversion chip, see here and here. With the upcoming PCB design where an ISP header will be added this will be easy to verify with a PicKit.


In case you want to make your own breakout board and play with the chip please read on.

The schematic is from the Microchip evaluation board. I removed the 3.3V power and ISP header to boil down to the bare minimum board. The schemati now looks like this, note that the chip says MCP2200 in my schematic since there was no Eagle MCP2210 equivalent available. Luckily both are pin compatible so even though it says MCP2200 it will work jut fine for the MCP2210.

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